What Are Ice Dams and How Do You Prevent Them on Your Roof?

What are ice dams and how do you prevent them from damaging your roofing system?

In freeze/thaw climates, ice dams commonly build up on the eaves of homes, and they can do some serious damage to the roof, fascia, and gutters. In today’s Q&A Monday, Dave Stubbs from Sheffield Metals joins Thad Barnette to explain what ice dams are, discuss how to prevent ice dams from building up, and share some tips on how to repair and remove the ice before it does damage.

Topics covered:

  • What is an ice dam in relation to a roofing system? – 1:04
  • What damage can an ice dam cause on a metal roof? – 3:18
  • How can ventilation or bad installation cause ice dams? – 4:42
  • Does roof type matter in regard to ice dams? – 10:17
  • How do snow guards on a metal roof impact ice damming? – 11:46
  • What should a homeowner do when they notice ice damming? – 13:28

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