Government & Military Construction Work: Benefits and Challenges

Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad is in Denver, Colorado with Joe LaCrue of Sheffield Metals. They discuss one of the largest construction sectors in the United States: government work. Joe covers the requirements that the specialty work entails, specifically revolving around military installations. From submittals to job site entrance, there’s a lot to consider. Watch this video to learn why some contractors chase government and military work and why some avoid it.

Topics covered:
►What types of government work are available? 0:51
►What are some benefits of doing government work? 1:23
►What are some of the unique processes with government work? 2:35
►How does Sheffield support companies that do government work? 3:45
►What is the submittal process like? 4:11
►What qualifications does labor need? 4:55
►What types of warranty requirements come with government work? 6:03

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