Galvalume® vs. Galvanized: Which is Better?

Thad Barnette sits down with Mike Blake and Adam Mazzella from Sheffield Metals in the first ever Q&A Monday on the Metal Roofing Channel.

Topics covered:
►Galvalume vs. galvanized 1:12
►Special considerations when using Galvalume 2:18
►When is Galvalume a good choice for roofing? 2:54
►Cost differences between Galvalume and galvanized 4:30
►Similarities between Galvalume and galvanized 5:06
►Is there a difference in longevity? 6:19

Clarification on statement at 3:27 – Galvanized has better formability characteristics in metal roofing applications, which in some cases could reduce the appearance of oil canning.

Read about the MCA study on Galvalume.

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