Metal Roof Fastener Pull-Out Values: Measurement, Application, Use

Knowing the pull-out value of fasteners is a good indicator of the durability of a metal roofing system as a whole — from the decking material, to the screws, to the clips and panels. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Josh Krohn from Triangle Fastener Corporation and Jeff Hock from Sheffield Metals join Thad to talk about how pull-out values are tested, how they are measured, how they relate to real-world applications, and more!

Topics covered:
►What are pull-out values? 0:57
►How does TFC get the final pull-out values? 1:55
►What units of measurement are used? 2:18
►What is the average pull-out value range for various materials? 3:11
►How do pull-out values relate to wind speed? 3:39
►How do pull-out values relate to SMI’s engineering? 4:16
►Why are pull-out values important? 5:18
►Where is Sheffield’s engineering and pull-out value info located? 6:23
►Does it matter how deep a screw is embedded into a material? 8:53

Check out the fastener testing video here!