Custom Colors for Metal Roofing: Cost, Availability, Process

Can I get a custom paint color for my metal roofing project?

Every metal roofing manufacturer has a set of standard colors that you can choose from for your metal roofing project, but what if you want a different color? In today’s Q&A Monday, Sean Maurath from Sheffield Metals joins Thad Barnette to discuss if custom colors are available, what types of projects typically request custom colors, some drawbacks to choosing a color that isn’t on a standard color card, and Sheffield Metals’ process for ordering custom colors.

Topics covered:

  • Can you get a custom color through Sheffield Metals? 0:52
  • Who provides the paint colors for Sheffield Metals? 1:19
  • Are there extra costs involved with custom colors? 1:42
  • What do minimum quantities mean for homeowners? 3:07
  • What is Sheffield’s process for homeowners that want a custom color? 4:36
  • What types of projects have custom colors? 6:50
  • What types of paint are custom colors typically made from? 8:06
  • How often are custom colors requested? 9:00
  • How do SRI values affect custom colors? 10:12
  • Are there other factors that might affect the cost of a custom color? 10:56

View the Sheffield Metals color cards here.

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