How to Go From Good to Great as a Roofing Business Owner

How does your roofing company grow sustainably, offer the best value to your customers, and become an employer of choice?

Rapidly increasing your company’s revenue in a short period of time sounds like a good thing, and it is – if you are properly prepared. Without the right infrastructure, planning, and culture, many businesses that grow abruptly struggle or even close their doors. In today’s Q&A Monday, Todd Miller from Isaiah Industries joins Adam Mazzella and Thad Barnette to discuss how to go from good to great as a roofing contractor in a safe and sustainable way.

Topics covered:

  • What does “great” mean for metal roofing contractors? – 1:08
  • How do you level up your company as a business owner? – 3:46
  • What possible challenges exist for owners trying to scale up too quickly? – 8:10
  • What are companies doing to go from good to great? – 11:55
  • How does a business owner get the knowledge they need to level up? – 13:46

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