Construction Scheduling & Timelines: Where Does Metal Roofing Fit In?

Where does metal roofing fit into the construction sequence timeline with other trades on the project?

Between masonry, carpentry, plumbing, and many other trades on a residential or commercial building project, metal roofing must be installed in the proper sequence. The wrong order of operations could result in workers getting in each other’s way and could even lead to damage of the roof itself. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thad Barnette is joined by Dave Stubbs of Sheffield Metals to discuss where metal roofing fits into the overall construction timeline, how a contractor can make sure the installation goes smoothly, and more!

Topics covered:

  • Where should metal roofing fit into a construction sequence? – 0:50
  • What does pre-flashing mean for someone new to metal roofs? – 3:04
  • What can a metal roofing contractor do to make sure the build goes smoothly? – 3:56
  • What can happen to a metal roof when installed first? – 4:53
  • What should you think about when working with another subcontractor? – 6:39
  • What are some best practices a general contractor can utilize? – 9:24

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