Common Problems With Standing Seam Metal Roof Design

Designing a standing seam metal roof can have its challenges if you aren’t familiar with different material characteristics, engineering and code requirements, or profile selection best practices. On today’s Q&A Monday, Lori Reynolds Morrow and Dave Stubbs from the Sheffield Metals Architectural and Technical departments join Thad Barnette to discuss the top problems they see when it comes to standing seam metal roof design. Watch to learn how the deck assembly, building location, roof size and shape, and more all factor in to successfully designing an effective metal roof system.

Topics covered:

  • What water shedding principles should be considered? 2:04
  • What happens when metal roofs are designed improperly? 3:39
  • What support can Sheffield offer during the design phase? 5:32
  • What problems can occur with local codes and governing organizations? 6:53
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