Offered a Promo for a Cheap Metal Roof? Legitimate or Too Good to Be True?

If you come across an ad for a free or heavily discounted metal roof, should you trust it?

There can be situations where a roof installation might be heavily discounted, but sometimes it’s just a clever sales pitch for companies to get a foot in the door. How do you know if the offer is legitimate? On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thad Barnette is joined by Adam Mazzella of Sheffield Metals to discuss how a homeowner can separate fact from fiction when it comes to sifting through promotions, advertisements, and high-pressure sales tactics.

Topics covered:

  • Should you be cautious if you’re offered a heavily discounted metal roof? – 1:56
  • Why would a homeowner be offered a free metal roof? – 3:50
  • What challenges can customers face with these sales pitches? – 5:15
  • What should customers ask when offered a low-cost product? – 8:12

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