11 Reasons You Should NOT Buy a Metal Roof

Although metal roofing is a premium product that has excellent longevity, color options, and durability, not all building types or applications are a good fit for metal roofing. In today’s video, Thad Barnette reveals 11 reasons why a homeowner or building owner may want to consider a different roofing material for their project. From aesthetics, to cost, to design, watch to learn what you should consider before buying a metal roof.

  1. You don’t have the budget for metal roofing 0:27
  2. Your roof design is not conducive to metal roofing 0:47
  3. You don’t like the way metal roofing looks 1:28
  4. Your HOA doesn’t allow metal roofs 1:57
  5. There’s a lack of qualified installers in your area 2:33
  6. Your region receives excessive hail 3:21
  7. You’re not staying in your home long-term 4:17
  8. You want a quick roof installation 4:51
  9. You want to avoid oil canning 5:23
  10. Your building contains contaminants that can corrode metal or paint 6:08
  11. You have specific color matching needs 6:39
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