2021 State of the Industry: Construction and Manufacturing

From the sudden economic shutdown in 2020 to the quick increase in post-pandemic building demand, the construction and manufacturing industries have experienced a variety of challenges. In this video, Adam Mazzella is joined by Tony Mazzella of Mazzella Companies and Clark Neft of New Tech Machinery to discuss the current and future position of domestic manufacturing and construction.

Topics covered:

  • State of the industry 2021 – 0:58
  • What does this mean for Mazzella customers? – 2:42
  • Supply chain issues and long lead times – 3:26
  • Examples of expanded demand in construction – 6:31
  • Global implications – 8:45
  • What has Mazzella done to lessen the effects of the pandemic? – 9:59
  • Shortage of good labor – 12:50
  • Material price forecasts – 14:31
  • Closing statement & future of the market – 16:16

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