Steel & Construction Forecasts: Steel Market Update Q3 2022

U.S. Steel representative Ben Trotter gives an inside look on the price of finished steel, the effects a possible recession could have on construction, and explains what trends manufacturing and construction can expect to see going into the third quarter of 2022.

As a possible recession looms over the United States, how will the construction and manufacturing industries fare throughout the remainder of 2022? On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thad Barnette is joined by Brett Muckle from architectural metal sheet and coil supplier Sheffield Metals and Ben Trotter of United States Steel.

Watch this video to learn what action you can take as a business owner or steel consumer, the level of construction demand consumers and businesses can potentially expect as we continue through the 2022 building season, and the forecasts for steel and aluminum entering Q3 2022.

Topics covered:

  • What kind of market numbers does steel have right now? – 1:59
  • What do the market numbers mean for steel consumers? – 2:23
  • What demand is there for construction and steel in the market overall? – 3:47
  • What can we expect from steel going into Q3? – 4:48
  • What should business owners think about in regard to a recession? – 5:49
  • What kind of trends in the industry are we currently seeing? – 8:17
  • What differences are there in the residential vs. commercial markets? – 9:54
  • What should a steel consumer do with this information? – 11:42

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