CoreLine vs. Textured SMP Metal Roofing Colors: A Comparison

Wondering what the difference is between CoreLine and Textured SMP? In this article, we describe the differences and go over the pros and cons of each.

One of the most significant choices designers, contractors, and homeowners all must make when it comes to metal roofing is what kind of paint they’re going to use. The type of paint can heavily dictate how long a roof lasts and whether it will withstand harsh weather conditions and varying climates. It’s essential to make the right paint choice for your metal roofing project so that you can be confident your roof will stand up long into the future.

At Sheffield Metals International (SMI), we understand all the intricacies of different paint systems and what makes them right for certain customers. We’ve been a leader in the metal roofing industry for decades, providing metal sheets and coils and other metal roofing accessories to our customers.

Aside from just products, we also offer a variety of educational resources that those in our industry can watch and read to find answers to common questions and further their knowledge.

Two of the trendiest paint finishes on the market right now are CoreLine and Textured SMP (silicone modified polyester). While they overlap in many categories, there are also stark differences that may make one more suitable for your unique situation.

In this article, we’ll give a brief overview of both paint types and then dive into their various pros and cons. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a better idea of what each finish offers and may be ready to choose the correct option for your project.

What Is Textured SMP?

Textured SMP coatings have been around for decades and are especially popular for 28, 29 and sometimes 26-gauge metal roofing panels. It has a visible texture, making it attractive for contractors looking for added grip during installation, however, it’s only available in SMP paint.

What Is CoreLine?

CoreLine is a new Textured, Low-Gloss paint system introduced by Sheffield Metals. It has the textured feel of Textured SMP paint with an added advantage: CoreLine is also low-gloss and is coated using PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) paint, making it a premium option that offers both improved walkability and aesthetic benefits.

CoreLine Pros and Cons


  • PVDF Availability: PVDF is a robust system with excellent durability and longevity, providing unmatched color retention, defense against chalking and fading, and cutting-edge design aesthetics. 
  • Oil Canning Reduction: Oil canning can be an aesthetic issue when it comes to metal roofing. Low-gloss products, however, are very effective in minimizing the appearance of oil canning, as the finish can knock down sunlight to help maintain a smooth, streamlined appearance. Additionally, the unique texture of CoreLine also helps mask oil canning.
  • Versatility: CoreLine works on residential buildings as well as commercial applications. Suburban homes, restaurants, and dealerships are all great options for this paint system.
  • All-new Moonstone™: Sheffield Metals released the brand new Moonstone with their TLG CoreLine. Moonstone offers a unique, shimmering finish with hints of blues, grays, and browns and is only available in CoreLine.
  • 24-Gauge Options: CoreLine also comes available in thicker metal options like 24-gauge, which provides considerable durability and longevity when compared with other options.
  • Dual Benefits: CoreLine’s texture merges improved walkability with the premium benefits of a low-gloss appearance, creating a unique look that was not available before in the metal roofing industry.
Sheffield Metals CoreLine sample squares


  • Cost: A primary difference between CoreLine and Textured SMP coatings is cost. While CoreLine offers many advantages when compared to Textured SMP, it’s also slightly more expensive.
  • Exclusivity: CoreLine is exclusive to Sheffield Metals and will provide you with a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Color Options: Currently, there are five color options available in CoreLine, while Textured SMP is available in the most common colors from many metal roof manufacturers. Textured SMP is a great choice for those looking to choose from a variety of different color options, especially when using exposed fastener panel systems.

Textured SMP Pros and Cons


  • Visible texture: CoreLine has a more subtle textured appearance, while Textured SMP is fully visible. Aside from offering great walkability, this also may make a difference for those wanting to see that texture and make it a part of their aesthetic design.
  • Affordability: For those looking for a cost-effective option, Textured SMP may be the choice for you. You will have to sacrifice some of the benefits, such as the lower gloss and impressive color retention of CoreLine, if you do opt for Textured SMP at the lower price point.
  • Availability: Textured SMP is also more widely available than CoreLine, which is exclusive to Sheffield Metals.
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  • Higher Gloss: Textured SMP is glossier than CoreLine, which could make the appearance of oil canning and glare more apparent.
  • Not available in PVDF: Textured SMP paint systems are still high-quality, don’t match the durability of PVDF systems.
  • Warranties: Textured SMP warranties are often close or similar in length to the PVDF warranty for film adhesion. The main difference is that, in general, CoreLine has a longer warranty than textured SMP for chalk and fade.
  • Gauge selection: Thinner metals, geared more towards residential projects, are usually what you’ll find available in Textured SMP, which may limit your choices somewhat depending on the project. While you can get a textured SMP in thicker gauges, it is generally not going to be found as a stock item in 24-gauge.

Knowing the pros and cons of CoreLine and Textured SMP can be helpful. Ultimately, however, your final choice will depend on your unique situation.

Coreline vs. Textured SMP: How to Decide What’s Right for You

Sheffield Metals CoreLine Metal Samples

To help you narrow your decision and make your choice a bit clearer, it may be effective to look at some common considerations and see where CoreLine and Textured SMP fit into your project. Consider these factors when deciding between CoreLine and Textured SMP.

Commercial vs. Residential

First, you’ll want to look at the scope of your project. Is it for a residential home or a commercial building such as a retail store or dealership? Keep in mind that Textured SMP often only comes in thinner metals. CoreLine is available in 24 gauge, which makes it an excellent choice for commercial projects that require thicker, sturdier materials.

Aesthetic Preferences  

The appearance of CoreLine and Textured SMP is also something to think about. CoreLine offers a premium, low-gloss touch with impressive colors, while Textured SMP brings an obvious, textured finish. Ultimately, aesthetics will come down to your unique preferences and what you want the finished product to look like.


You’ll also want to consider your budget when deciding between CoreLine and Textured SMP. CoreLine is the more expensive option, so those wishing to fit into a specific price range may opt for Textured SMP.

Where Can I Find CoreLine?

CoreLine and Textured SMP are both great options on the metal roofing market right now. The right choice ultimately depends on your situation and what you’re looking for in a coating. In this article, we’ve gone through the overviews of both types and offered the pros and cons of CoreLine and Textured SMP.

By now, you should have a better understanding of the comparison and may have an idea of which one you’re going to purchase.

Now, you may be looking for additional information on this topic. Feel free to explore our learning center and look at more resources related to this topic, such as our article on Moonstone, and our press release describing Sheffield Metals’ TLG CoreLine in more detail.

As mentioned in this article, CoreLine finishes are only available at Sheffield Metals. We have locations across the country, and we stock the full CoreLine at all facilities. Check out our CoreLine page to see our color options, request chip samples, and order products. Reach out to our expert team if you have any additional questions.

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