What Types of Roof Sealants & Silicones Perform the Best?

There are a lot of sealants available in the market, but the actual chemical composition can vary greatly from type to type and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Choosing the wrong sealant for your project can lead to difficult installs and premature failure. Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad is joined by Joe Borak from Novagard Solutions to discuss the 5 main categories of sealants in the market today. They talk about best use cases, which lasts longest, and what applications should and shouldn’t be considered for each type.

Topics covered:

  • Who is Novagard Solutions? 1:11
  • What is sealant performance hierarchy? 3:46
  • Does better performance translate to a higher cost? 8:42
  • Where does Novagard’s metal roofing product fall in terms of performance? 9:54
  • What are the features and benefits of a product like Novaflex? 10:39
  • How is Novaflex different from other brands? 13:11