Radiant Barrier for Roofing: Will it Save You Money on Energy Bills?

What is a radiant barrier and will it save you money on your energy bills?

Radiant barrier systems have become more popular in hot climate areas because they reduce the amount of heat transferred into a home or building. In today’s Q&A Monday, Mark Strait from Sharkskin and Jeff Hock from Sheffield Metals join Thad Barnette to define what a radiant barrier is, how it’s typically installed in a residential or commercial application, and explore how much money it could actually save on energy bills.

Topics covered:
►What is radiant barrier? 0:47
►How is a radiant barrier typically installed? 1:14
►Does your environment matter for using a radiant barrier? 4:34
►How much will radiant barrier save on an energy bill? 7:07
►What are the requirements for installing a radiant barrier? 10:54
►Does it matter which side of the radiant barrier is installed? 14:11
►Does radiant barrier replace the need for insulation? 16:09
►What does radiant barrier installation mean for local codes? 18:17

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