Metal Roofing in Project Specifications: Avoid These 5 Common Pitfalls

Project specifications are an important part of the design process and give product specialists, manufacturers, and contractors a single source of truth when it comes to the unique requirements of a design. However, if the specs don’t call out the correct product information, it can create a cycle of clarification and change requests that add extra time to the design phase. In this video, Lori Reynolds Morrow and Anne Roeper from the Sheffield Metals Architectural department join Thad Barnette to discuss common pitfalls when spec writing for metal roofs.

Topics covered:

  • What are project specifications? 0:43
  • Why is this topic important to architects? 2:02
  • 1. Do the plans match the spec? 3:58
  • 2. Are the correct roofing standards called out? 5:01
  • 3. Are all the choices made within the spec software? 6:33
  • 4. Is the selected color listed as “closest to existing roof color”? 7:43
  • 5. Are there contradictions in regards to panel manufacturing method? 9:14
  • Why is the relationship between architect and manufacturer important? 10:11

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