Florida Building Code: Navigating Metal Roof Installations in Florida

If you’re currently doing work in Florida or thinking about doing work in Florida, understanding the local building code is paramount to accomplishing high quality installations safely and legally. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Sheffield Metals Technical Director Jeff Hock talks about Miami-Dade NOA’s, High Velocity Hurricane Zones, and other special requirements of one of the strictest codes in the United States: Florida Building Code.

Topics covered:

  • What is important to know about FBC? 1:01
  • How is Miami-Dade different from Florida Building Code? 2:18
  • Why is Miami-Dade used as a basis of design in other areas? 4:49
  • How does FBC affect conversations with a manufacturer? 7:12
  • Is there a difference between residential and commercial projects? 8:17
  • How do you pick the right profile? 9:21
  • Why is it important for a contractor to have a good relationship with their manufacturer? 11:48
  • How is this knowledge applied to areas outside of Florida? 12:44
  • What else do you need to follow in addition to your engineering in Florida? 15:02