Top 5 Metal Roofing Innovations and Trends of 2024

Wondering what’s on the horizon for metal roofing in 2024? Here are the top five metal roofing innovations and trends coming up in the new year.

As we enter a new year for the metal roofing industry, we’re going to see many innovations and trends, some that may be reminiscent of what we saw in 2023 and others that may be completely new. Whether you’re a designer, contractor, fabricator, or homeowner, it’s important to know these innovations so that you can make educated decisions about your metal roofing projects and understand what’s happening on the market right now.

Sheffield Metals International (SMI) has worked with hundreds of customers over the years, providing expert advice on metal roofing design and supplying high-quality coils, sheets, and metal roofing accessories to the market. We collaborate with a variety of roofing companies and are always listening to our customers to hear about the trendiest and most innovative developments.

From drone applications to bold colors and unique architectural designs, to impressive design tools, we’ll likely see some new and exciting metal roofing innovations in the coming months. In this article, we’ll detail our top five metal roofing innovations and trends of 2024. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for this year and may even be able to use some of these innovations for your next roofing project.

Building owners and homeowners can now see how different roofing systems, designs, and colors will look in real time. This could help save customers thousands of dollars on replacement costs and make collaboration much easier and more effective, as designers will have a clear visual to show clients.

1. Augmented Reality for Roof Design

Close up of a woman wearing a virtual reality headset.

Consumers are already using augmented reality to see how that new couch or TV stand might look in their living room before purchasing. Architects are also using it to design roofs and collaborate with contractors, homeowners, and manufacturers to aid their metal roofing projects.

Building owners and homeowners can now see how different roofing systems, designs, and colors will look in real time. This could help save customers thousands of dollars on replacement costs and make collaboration much easier and more effective, as designers will have a clear visual to show clients.

Likewise, augmented reality could assist in training programs for roofers and contractors looking to hone their skills.

In 2024, we’ll likely see augmented reality become increasingly integrated into the metal roofing industry.

2. Digital Design Tools

More digital design tools are sure to hit the market in 2024. When it comes to metal roofing, and especially standing seam metal roofing, you want to make sure you’re making the design as effective as possible so you can avoid common problems like leaking and dissimilar metal corrosion.

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Digital design tools programmed to spot inefficiencies in designs may be on the horizon for 2024. Software such as building information modeling (BIM) and Revit® enables architects to create three-dimensional models for building designs.

And you can already find a variety of helpful tools offered across the industry, including technology such as color visualizers to help you understand how a certain tone will look with your project.

3. 3D Printing

A 3D printer building a plastic structure.

Computer-aided design (CAD) allows builders to seamlessly manufacture various parts of a home, including roofs. And 3D printing enables you to create these parts to gain multiple advantages, including minimized waste, cost-effectiveness, and flexible designs.

Even though 3D printing is highly effective, it is held back somewhat in the roofing industry by local codes and regulations. Keep an eye on 2024 for the rolling back of these codes to open the gates for the full potential of 3D printing in the roofing industry.

4. Sustainability

Sustainability continues to be a significant trend not just in the roofing industry but also in culture as a whole. Many consumers are continually looking for sustainable options and ways to decrease waste. To feed this need and to continue to make metal roofing as sustainable as possible, many innovators are finding new ways to increase the energy-efficiency of metal roofing.

One metal roofing innovation that’s sure to become more popular in 2024 is cool metal roofing. Cool metal roofing refers to coatings that reflect the sun’s energy to reduce heat. This technology can help building owners save on energy bills and contribute to the overall sustainability of communities and whole cities, as it reduces the electricity demand and decreases the urban heat island effect.

Cool metal roofing is especially valuable in hot climates, as it can significantly reduce energy costs for homeowners and building owners. Look for more cool roofing developments and technology in 2024.

5. Bold Architectural Styles

an aerial photo of a beautiful winery featuring a matte black standing seam metal roof

Each year, new architectural colors and styles hit the market, reflecting new products, colors, and aesthetic preferences of consumers. Neutral colors like black have continued to be very popular for metal roofing. Bold colors and earthy tones, however, are also starting to become more alluring to homeowners and building owners.

Another color that may increase in popularity in 2024 is Textured, Low-Gloss Moonstone™. This is a brand-new color that Sheffield Metals released in October. Moonstone features a shimmery appearance and blends shades of grays, blues, and browns to create a unique, versatile look that works on both commercial and residential roofing projects. It’s also a PVDF coating, which makes it highly durable.

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In 2024, expect to see more metal roofing projects utilizing TLG Moonstone.

Future Developments for the Metal Roofing Industry

Beyond 2024, new and exciting innovations are coming, including smart technology to improve the efficiency of metal roofs and drone technology to aid in repairs and installations.

Smart Technology

Modern home with a gray standing seam metal roof

Smart systems, powered by Wi-Fi and sensors, are becoming increasingly common. Many modern homes now have smart appliances, including thermostats, TVs, refrigerators, and lighting. Smart technology integrates AI and machine learning to make these once inanimate objects “smart,” allowing them to use data analysis to be more effective and make life easier for the consumer. Imagine a thermostat automatically raising the temperature during a specific time of day, or a coffeemaker programmed to brew a cup of coffee when you wake up.

So how does this technology relate to metal roofing?

Sensors installed on a roof can help building owners detect maintenance issues before they become major problems, such as leak detection, drain flow, and snow load monitoring. With smart roofing, homeowners and building owners can easily spot issues without having an inspection or risking their safety to find problems.

Smart metal roofing is still in the beginning stages and certainly not the norm for the industry, especially for residential buildings. Still, it’s something to keep an eye on in the future.

Drone Application

A flying drone with an attached camera

Safety is one of the most important parts of metal roofing installation and inspections. It’s integral that contractors use best practices and high-quality tools to ensure they eliminate as many safety hazards as possible. In some cases, they may also be able to integrate the latest innovations to help them get their job done.

Drones may become increasingly more common in 2024 and beyond. These can be used for inspections and measurements of hard-to-access spots on the roof. With some drones able to use a nail gun, we might even see installation drones in the future. Metal roofing includes a more intricate installation process, however, and it will likely be a while before we see a team of drones installing a metal roof.

Still, drones can be used during inspections to produce high-quality customer reports with accurate measurements and high-quality imaging.

Looking to Include These Innovations in Your Next Metal Roofing Project?  

Using the right innovations in your metal roofing project can improve efficiency and overall effectiveness. In this article, we’ve outlined the top innovations of 2024. After reading, you may have some additional ideas for integrating these innovations into your next metal roofing project. You could also be looking for ways to learn more about the innovations and trends coming up in 2024.

With decades of experience in the metal roofing industry, Sheffield Metals has seen trends come and go, and we understand which innovations can help you complete your specific project. Feel free to contact our expert team to learn more about how to utilize this technology and gain the latest benefits of innovations in the metal roofing industry.  

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