YES.YOU.CAN. Design for Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, & Carbon Footprint Reduction with Metal Roof & Wall Systems!

Course Summary:

This course reveals the benefits of metal roof and wall systems when designing for sustainability, which also includes energy efficiency and the reduction of the project’s carbon footprint.

  • Prerequisite Knowledge – A history of designing for the building’s exterior envelope to be that of a standing seam metal roof and/or a metal wall panel system. Also, familiarity with the concept of portable rollforming, both fixed and onsite options.
  • Learning Objective #1 – Sustainability: Describe how designing a building’s exterior cladding with metal affirms the project’s commitment to sustainability. This is due to metal’s durability and longevity, as witnessed in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), and the use of environmentally responsible materials, as reported in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Additionally, knowledge of the recyclable qualities of metal.
  • Learning Objective #2 – Energy efficiency: Recognize how the metal supplied for the metal panel systems is painted with a resin-based coating, which includes solar reflective pigments that reduce the heat gain/energy load on a building. This reduces cooling costs and increases the building’s energy efficiency.
  • Learning Objective #3 – Carbon footprint reduction: Explain how the production strategy of on-site fabrication of metal panels definitively contributes to reducing a project’s carbon footprint.
  • Learning Objective #4 – Sustainable production of steel and aluminum: Define where the U.S. stands as compared to the global competition on the sustainable production of substrate base metals — steel and aluminum.

Additional Course Information:

Course Number: SMIF2F00222

Credit: 1.00 LU/HSW

Delivery Format: Live / In-Person

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