You Just Bought a Roof Panel Rollforming Machine: What Now?

After you purchase a standing seam roof panel machine, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the responsibilities involved and the decisions that need to be made. Everything from machine maintenance and service, to engineering, to coil suppliers all must be considered carefully. In this video, Sean Maurath from the Sheffield Metals Sales team joins Thad Barnette to discuss the most important things to consider after buying a rollformer so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Topics covered:

  • What should you consider after buying a roof panel machine? 0:24
  • How should you source material for a rollformer? 2:16
  • What should a machine owner consider with service & maintenance? 4:31
  • How does panel engineering play into rollforming? 5:08
  • Can you get machine training through Sheffield? 6:07

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