Who Is the Metal Construction Association & How Do They Promote Metal?

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) is committed to advancing the metal construction industry through innovation, education, and collaboration. In this episode of Q&A Mondays, Thad Barnette sits down with Jeff Henry from the MCA. They discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities within the metal construction sector, highlighting how the association supports continuing education, takes a lead role in standards development, and contributes to key industry events like METALCON.

Topics covered:

  • What is the mission of the MCA? 0:42
  • What is the MCA’s role in developing metal standards? 1:42
  • How does the MCA promote metal through marketing? 2:14
  • What resources does the MCA have to promote metal? 3:33
  • Who is involved in the MCA’s committees? 4:44
  • What is it like being a member of the MCA? 5:40
  • What’s in store for the future of the MCA? 7:21
  • Where can people find the MCA online? 9:22

Visit the Metal Construction Association.

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