What Is it Like Buying From Sheffield Metals? Sheet, Coil, Accessories

What is it like working with Sheffield Metals in the architectural standing seam metal roofing and walls industry?

It’s important to have a valuable partner that not only supplies your standing seam metal roofing business with sheet and coil but also provides the tools and support to take your company to the next level. In this video, Tom Southerland and Mike Marsh from Sheffield Metals join Thad Barnette to discuss Sheffield’s unique combination of quality metal and accessories, quick lead times, design and technical assistance, and industry knowledge.

Topics covered:

► Intro 00:00

► What’s the buying experience like with Sheffield? 0:27

► How is each Sheffield branch integrated into its area? 0:55

► Who do customers work with during the buying journey? 2:11

► How does Sheffield help customers buy what they need when they need it? 3:35

► How does help customers get the exact coil they need? 4:42

► What does Sheffield offer outside of metal? 5:48

►How does Sheffield support larger companies? 6:59

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