West Coast Metal Roofing: Navigating California Regulations & Weather

The Western coast of the Unites States contends with coastal weather patterns and a high threat of wild fires. Additionally, regulations in California make compliance for roofing contractors challenging. Today on Q&A Mondays, Yannick from the Sheffield Metals Sales team joins Thad Barnette to talk about the metal roofing market in the West Coast region and how standing seam metal roofing has grown throughout the area.

Topics covered:

  • What’s the weather like on the West Coast? 0:39
  • What metal products are typically installed in the region? 1:20
  • How do California regulations affect metal roofing? 2:23
  • Are there any prevalent architectural styles in the area? 2:51
  • What is the contractor and fabricator market like in the region? 3:25
  • How does Sheffield Metals support the West Coast region? 4:08
  • What advice would you give a metal roofing contractor or fabricator? 4:49
  • Is metal roofing readily available in the West Coast region? 6:01

Contact the Sheffield Metals La Mirada, California branch.

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