Weathertight Warranties for Metal Roofs: Everything You Need to Know

Weathertight warranties, sometimes called weather-tightness warranties or water-tightness warranties, gives commercial building owners a guarantee from the manufacturer that their roof won’t leak during the warranty period. In this video, Sheffield Metals Technical Director, Jeff Hock, joins Thad Barnette to answer common questions about weathertight warranty types, installation requirements, procedures, and more.

Topics covered:

  • What is a weathertight warranty? 0:26
  • What types of buildings can get a weathertight warranty? 1:54
  • What’s covered in the different types of weathertight warranties? 2:38
  • How can someone get started installing weathertight warranties? 3:11
  • Which Sheffield panel profiles are supported for a WTW? 4:46
  • What’s the process like for the installer during the WTW inspections? 5:48
  • Is it possible to get a weathertight warranty after installation? 8:39
  • What’s the difference for standard and no dollar limit warranties? 9:24
  • What other questions do you get about weathertight warranties? 10:33
  • What are the warranty lengths and how much do they cost? 11:46

Visit the Sheffield weathertight warranty page.

Common problems during weathertight warranty procedures.

How to prevent voiding your weathertight warranty.

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