Can You Use Stainless Steel for a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

How is stainless steel used in metal construction, and is it a good choice for standing seam metal roofing?

Stainless steel is used to manufacture all types of products because of its strength, beauty, and corrosion resistance, but can you use it as a roofing material? In today’s Q&A Monday, Josh Spence from MetalTech Global joins Thad Barnette to dive into the types of projects that typically utilize stainless steel, reasons a home or building owner might choose a stainless steel roof, and any downsides the material might have.

Topics covered:

  • How often is stainless steel used in metal roofing? – 0:41
  • Why would someone want to use a stainless steel roof? – 1:27
  • Is stainless steel something that architects spec? – 1:50
  • What kind of finish options are there for stainless steel? – 2:08
  • How much does stainless steel cost compared to other metals? – 2:48
  • What gauges are typically used in stainless steel roofing? – 3:27
  • Can stainless steel roofing be installed by a coast? – 3:39
  • What are the downsides of using stainless steel – 4:03
  • Are there any unique installation requirements for stainless steel? – 4:36
  • How difficult is it to find a contractor to install stainless? – 5:05
  • How does stainless steel stand up to harsh weather? – 5:26
  • How long does a stainless steel roof last? – 5:52
  • Are there any special maintenance requirements for stainless – 6:21

Are specialty metals worth the price vs. more common roofing materials like steel and aluminum?…

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