How to Match Sherwin-Williams Paint Color to Your Metal Roof

Through the new Sher-Color™ program, you can now purchase paint from any Sherwin-Williams retail location that will match your Sheffield Metals metal roofing color.

Let’s say you have various components of your home or property, such as shutters, wood trim, or vinyl siding, that you want to match to your metal roof. Did you know that, as a Sheffield Metals roof owner, you have access to an easy and convenient color-matching service from Sherwin-Williams? Introducing the new Sher-Color™ program!

In this video, Adam Mazzella demonstrates how to purchase exterior paint from a local Sherwin-Williams retail location that matches his standing seam metal roof color — all while using the Sher-Color™ color-matching program.

Note: This program and paint is NOT intended for touch-up applications on your metal roof. It is ONLY intended for exterior materials and applications on and around your home, such as vinyl and wood. Please see a Sherwin-Williams store associate for a complete list of approved uses.

Topics covered:

  • Project setup and site prep – 0:52
  • Sher-Color™ program – 1:35
  • Buying the paint – 3:12
  • Painting the project – 7:19