Sherwin-Williams: History, Culture, and the Metal Roofing Paint Market

On today’s episode, Thad Barnette and Adam Mazzella travel to the Sherwin-Williams facility in Warrensville Heights, Ohio to talk with experts Steven Lane and Jeff Alexander. They discuss the Sherwin-Williams/Valspar merger, their partnership with Sheffield Metals, and what the coil extrusion and metal roofing paint markets will look like going forward.

Topics covered:
►What’s the history of Valspar and Sherwin-Williams? 1:10
►What does the joining of Valspar and Sherwin-Williams mean for the future? 2:41
►What are the key philosophies behind Sherwin-Williams? 3:25
►How does Sherwin-Williams stay ahead of trends in the industry? 4:19
►What’s the relationship between Sherwin-Williams and Sheffield Metals? 4:55
►What does Sherwin-Williams do and offer for the coil extrusion market? 6:15
►How is Sherwin-Williams confident in their products? 7:20
►How is Sherwin-Williams looking into the future? 8:11

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