Sheffield Metals Customer Experience: Challenges Metal Suppliers Face

The customer experience is very important to Sheffield Metals and we are always looking to improve processes and relationships. Every metal supplier occasionally faces challenges that inevitably affect the end user at some point in the life of a customer relationship. On this Q&A Mondays episode, members of the Sheffield Metals sales team explain the full scope of what it takes to supply metal, what problems can occur during each step of the process, and what SMI does to ensure those problems are minimized or eliminated for customers.

Topics covered:

  • What’s the process for dealing with metal substrate and getting it to customers? 1:32
  • How does it help to understand the metal supplying process as a customer? 3:23
  • What are some things Sheffield does to make sure material arrives on time? 4:47
  • What’s the supply chain like for metal roof accessories? 6:14
  • What kind of challenges does freight present? 7:10
  • What are some reasons that back orders would happen? 8:13
  • Are there any challenges that come in the manufacturing process? 9:26
  • Why is it important for customers to plan ahead as much as possible? 10:25
  • What else is Sheffield doing to make a seamless customer experience? 11:17