Sheffield Metals Architectural Department & Design Programs

Metal roof design is a vital part of the build process. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Lori Reynolds Morrow from Sheffield Metals explains who the SMI Architectural Department is, how Sheffield interacts with the design community and contractor network, and what programs are offered to help promote continuing education. Sheffield Metals is committed to assisting at any point of the build including pre-design, bidding, construction documents, and installation phases.

Topics covered:

  • How does Sheffield work with architects? 1:43
  • How does Sheffield help in the early design phase? 2:59
  • When should an architect contact Sheffield for design assistance? 4:05
  • How does Sheffield help with roof performance requirements? 4:46
  • What if there is a non-standard metal application in the plans? 6:46
  • Can Sheffield recommend installers and fabricators? 8:07
  • How does Sheffield help contractors with projects? 9:38
  • What is a substitution request? 11:31
  • How can Sheffield help with architectural continuing education? 12:48
Head on over to our AIA Continuing Education courses page to earn LU/HSW credits!