Want a Metal Roof for Your House? Here’s What You Should Know

Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad is with Adam Mazzella and Doug Markle in Austin, Texas, at Matt Risinger’s house. They discuss the growing popularity of metal roofing on residences, what type of systems are generally seen, and what kind of maintenance a homeowner can expect to perform.

Topics covered:
►What types of metal roofing are commonly seen in a residential application? 0:45
►What metal roofing profiles are typically used in a residential application? 1:29
►What types of metal roofing materials are typically used? 2:38
►What types of metal roofing materials are seen in a coastal environment? 3:25
►What are some things to keep in mind about roof decking? 4:44
►What is oil canning? 5:25
►Can you have a metal roof in an HOA controlled area? 7:35
►What maintenance do you have to perform on a residential metal roof? 8:35

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