Remove Paint Overspray, Adhesives, Stucco, and More From a Metal Roof

How do you remove paint overspray, adhesives, stucco, and other contaminants from your metal roof without damaging the finish?

Leaving contaminants like paint overspray or adhesives on your metal roof or wall can result in damage to the finish, an unsightly look, and a repair callback for contractors. In this video, Paul Watts from Watts Removal Products joins Thad Barnette to demonstrate how to remedy these problems using their Cleansweep® spray and wipes. Watts Removal Products are approved by Sherwin-Williams and can be used on their painted surfaces without voiding the warranty.

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Topics covered:

► Intro 00:00

► Paint overspray 2:00

► Epoxy 4:42

► Wet Patch® and grease 9:55

► Stucco and texturized coating overspray 13:21

► Chalk lines and adhesives 15:55

► Permanent marker and oil-based paint pen 18:15

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