What is a Powered Roof Seamer? Rentals, Profiles, Cost, Tips

What is a powered metal roofing seamer, why should you use one, and why should you work with a company like Quality Roof Seamers?

Correctly seaming your mechanical lock standing seam metal roofing panels at the end of a job can make or break the aesthetics and functionality of your project. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thad Barnette is joined by Robert Lytle of Quality Roof Seamers and Jeff Hock of Sheffield Metals to discuss what powered roof seamers are, how much they cost, what it’s like to work with Quality Roof Seamers, and more!

Topics covered:

  • What is a roof seamer and why should you use one? – 0:35
  • How is a roof seamer powered? 1:13
  • Why is it important to work with a good seamer company as a contractor? 1:41
  • How does Quality Roof Seamers come to market? 2:32
  • What kinds of profiles will work with the seamers? 3:41
  • How does Sheffield work with Quality Roof Seamers? 4:07
  • What should installers of mechanical lock profiles know before using a seamer? 6:12
  • Can seamers do a 180° seam in one pass? 8:34
  • What else should contractors know when buying or renting a seamer? 9:42
  • How much does a seamer cost to be purchased? 10:47
  • Do you need a seamer for every type of profile you have to run? 11:48

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