Problems With Your Metal Roof or Contractor? Action You Can Take

What should you do if your metal roof is leaking, it doesn’t look the way you expected after installation, or you’re having problems with your contractor?

It can be very frustrating as a homeowner or building owner to spend a lot of money on a new metal roof only to experience leaks, aesthetic discrepancies, or contractor issues. In today’s video on the Metal Roofing Channel, Jeff Hock and Dave Stubbs from the Sheffield Metals Technical Department share tips on what action you can take before, during, and after installation to resolve issues in the right way.

Topics covered:

  • Problems during installation – 0:31
  • Bringing up problems to your contractor – 1:20
  • Problems after the installation – 4:53
  • Contacting your contractor – 7:15
  • Contractor isn’t responding or helping – 8:48
  • What other options do homeowners have? – 10:14

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