Metal Roofing in the Pacific Northwest Region

The Pacific Northwest region of the United States experiences extreme weather conditions ranging from scorching summer heat to subzero winter temperatures and heavy snowfall. In this week’s Q&A Monday, Sheffield Metals sales representative Shane Willis joins Thad Barnette to discuss metal roofing in this diverse region. They talk about the growing popularity of metal roofing, the mix of low and steep slope applications, snow retention systems, and tips for starting a new metal roofing business. Shane also provides insight into Sheffield’s support through estimation services, technical drawings, installation details, and warranty support.

Topics covered:

  • What’s the weather like in the Pacific Northwest region? 0:44
  • What is the metal construction market like in your region? 1:32
  • What is the contractor and fabricator market like in the region? 3:03
  • How does Sheffield Metals support the Pacific Northwest? 4:00
  • What technical support is available through Sheffield Metals? 4:53
  • What advice would you give a metal roofing contractor or fabricator? 6:09
  • What advice would you give a homeowner or building owner? 7:08
  • Can Sheffield help you find a good metal roofing contractor? 7:49
  • Is metal roofing readily available in the Pacific Northwest? 8:24
  • Is metal roofing popular in the Pacific Northwest? 9:20

Contact the Sheffield Metals Denver branch.

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