Metal Roofing in the Great Plains Region: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

The Great Plains region of the United States has weather ranging from heavy snow in the Rocky Mountains to extreme UV exposure throughout the area. On today’s Q&A Monday, Hudson Heitmeier from Sheffield Metals joins Thad Barnette to discuss advice for contractors and fabricators, how Sheffield supports the Great Plains region, and how the unique weather plays into the types of metal roofing systems that are typically installed.

Topics covered:

  • What’s the weather like in the Great Plains region? 0:45
  • What is the metal construction market like in your region? 1:27
  • What architectural styles are common in the Great Plains? 1:59
  • What is the contractor and fabricator market like in the region? 2:26
  • How does Sheffield Metals support the Great Plains region? 2:47
  • Why is engineering support important? 3:31
  • What advice would you give a metal roofing contractor or fabricator? 4:23
  • What advice would you give a homeowner or building owner? 5:47
  • Is metal roofing readily available in the Great Plains region? 6:42

Contact the Sheffield Metals Denver branch.

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