How Do Metal Roofing Design Pressures Correlate to Wind Speed?

Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad and Jeff discuss metal roof design pressures, wind speed requirements, roof zones, and engineering. Previously on the channel, topics have revolved around UL 90 and wind speed, today’s episode takes it a step further.

Watch this video to learn the definitions of these topics and see some practical examples of how to identify required design pressures and wind speeds a system needs to meet based on regional codes.

Topics covered:
►How do you determine system requirements for wind speed and design pressure? 0:43
►What is design pressure? 2:18
►What are exposure categories? 3:17
►What other factors are involved in determining system requirements? 4:15
►What are roof zones? 5:08
►FBC approval example 5:56
►Do you always need a chart or third party testing? 8:59
►How do I meet a specific wind speed requirement? 9:33
►Where can someone find this information? 10:24

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