Metal Roofing Deck Substrates 101: Plywood, B-Deck, Open Framing

What are the most common substrate materials used to construct metal roof decks, and how do they affect the performance and design of the overall assembly?

How do roof decking options like plywood, OSB, b-deck, b-deck with polyiso insulation, and open framing impact your metal roofing project? Today on The Metal Roofing Channel, Jason Ayres from Sheffield Metals joins Thad Barnette to discuss how the deck material can affect engineering, installation requirements, panel choice, and more!

Topics covered:

  • What are common roof decks in the market today? 0:32
  • What are the differences between plywood and OSB? 1:05
  • What is B-Deck and why is it used? 1:50
  • What is required for installing over a metal deck? 2:21
  • What other requirements does B-Deck with ISO need when installing a roof? 3:37
  • What is needed for installing over open purlins? 4:32
  • What panels from Sheffield can be used for open framing? 5:56
  • How does deck substrate affect engineering? 6:44
  • Does the deck substrate have to match the one used in the engineering tests? 7:05
  • How does deck assembly affect panel choice? 8:27
  • How should you inspect a deck before a roof installation? 9:00

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