Metal Roofs as Accents: Aesthetics, Installation, Do’s and Don’ts

Metal roofing is a popular choice as a complementary accent to another roofing system, like asphalt shingles. In today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thad Barnette, Adam Mazzella, and Jeff Hock discuss things to remember when choosing your panel, color, and contractor. They also cover when metal is not a great choice as an accent roof as well some key installation factors.

Topics covered:

  • Where do you typically see metal roofs used as an accent? 0:50
  • Are there certain situations where you shouldn’t use a metal roof as an accent? 3:31
  • What should homeowners consider when choosing contractors for multiple types of roofing? 7:25
  • What should contractors consider when someone asks for a metal accent? 8:31