Metal Pro Paul Ramon: The Ramon Roofing Legacy in Fort Worth, Texas

Watch to learn about Paul Ramon of Ramon Roofing and how he and his team are leaving a mark on Fort Worth, Texas with high-end residential and commercial roofs.

If you’re not giving back to your community and to your industry, in my opinion, you’re losing out.

Paul Ramon, Owner & Operator of Ramon Roofing

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Metal Pro Paul Ramon gives back to his community by educating up-and-coming roofers, lobbying the Texas legislature on behalf of the construction industry, and installing high-quality roofing systems. Ramon Roofing is dedicated to being the experts in everything they do – and they do a lot. With project expertise in slate, tile, metal, wood shake, and more, Paul’s team stays busy installing both commercial and luxury residential roofs.

Watch this episode of The Metal Pro Series to learn how Paul’s family history in the Fort Worth area, his love of boxing, and his father’s entrepreneurial spirit encouraged him to press on through humble beginnings and never back down.

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