Maintaining Your Roofing Business During a Pandemic or Slow Economy

During a period of economic uncertainty, leading a team or running a business is especially challenging. Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad talks with Adam Mazzella from Sheffield Metals about what a manager/leader can do in regards to safety, training and education, contract supplements and provisions, technology adoption, economic aid, bidding for future projects, and more!

Topics covered:
►How can safety be made a priority? 1:06
►What has Sheffield done in terms of safety that could be used in other businesses? 3:01
►How can contractors leverage technology during this time? 4:38
►What protection provisions should contractors consider? 8:22
►How is bidding for future projects affected? 13:14
►What economic aid is available for roofers? 15:48
►What educational opportunities are available? 18:42
►How can roofing companies work on their marketing and communication? 21:00
►How do leaders maintain good management during a time like this? 22:38