Labor Shortage & the Great Resignation: How to Find Employees in 2022

Why is it so difficult to find employees in 2022 and how do you keep them long-term?

One challenge that almost every business across every industry shares is finding, hiring, and keeping the right people. In today’s Q&A Monday, Todd Miller from Isaiah Industries joins Adam Mazzella and Thad Barnette to discuss how the events over the last several years have impacted the labor market in construction and manufacturing and how you can find and retain great team members in this current market.

Topics covered:

  • What has changed in the labor market in the past two years? – 1:20
  • What is the Great Resignation? – 5:23
  • What else has the Great Resignation impacted? – 6:43
  • How do you find workers in the current market? – 8:55
  • What should employers do differently when hiring in the current market? – 11:19
  • How do you retain employees long-term? – 14:08
  • How do certification and training affect employer/employee relationships? – 16:50
  • What are employees looking for when trying to find a new job? – 21:40

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