Considerations When Installing Standing Seam Metal Over Shingles

Installing a new metal roof over an existing shingle roof is a quick way to get a new roof on a building without the cost and hassle of a shingle tear-off, and it is pretty common in this industry. However, the practice can create some problems, especially if certain considerations aren’t taken into account. Today on the Metal Roofing Channel, Sheffield Metals Technical Director, Jeff Hock, is working with Thad to demonstrate some different types of metal over shingle assemblies, discuss issues that come up during the install, and offer solutions for when they happen. Sheffield Metals always recommends removing the existing shingles so you can properly inspect, repair, and level the roof deck before installing a brand new roof. However, if you decide to roof directly over shingles, these tips should help you get the most out of your project.

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Please note the installation details and methods shown in this video are for reference only. Sheffield Metals recommends following their published installation details or for WTW projects following the required details issued and marked approved for that specific project.