Hydrostatic vs. Hydrokinetic: How Does Your Roof System Shed Water?

How fast does your roof system shed water? A large part of that answer relates to the slope of your roof, its design, and the panel system used. In today’s Q&A Monday, Thad invites Jeff Hock, Adam Mazzella, and Julianne Calapa to discuss the difference between a hydrostatic roof system and a hydrokinetic roof system.

Topics covered:
►What’s the difference between hydrostatic and hydrokinetic? 0:40
►What slopes work with each type of system? 1:15
►What panels make up each type of system? 1:28
►What’s the difference between ASTM E2140 and ASTM E1646? 2:52
►What are the requirements for each type of system? 3:59

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