Metal Roof Color: How to Pick the Best Color for Your Roof

On today’s episode, get ready to learn how to choose the best color for your roof based on preferences, location, palettes, complementary colors, custom colors, and more! Thad Barnette and Adam Mazzella are back at the Sherwin-Williams facility in Warrensville Heights, Ohio to talk with experts Steven Lane and Jeff Alexander about practical steps to take when deciding on color.

These tips are geared towards metal roofing, but many of the same principles can be applied to other roofing types!

Topics covered:
►Are there general guidelines when choosing roof color? 0:48
►Can an HOA impact your choice of roof color? 1:20
►How should color trends be considered when choosing roof color? 1:39
►What drives changes in color trends? 2:16
►How does location factor into color choice? 2:56
►How do you complement siding and trim color with your roof color? 3:47
►What if someone wants a non-standard color? 4:24
►Why are there standard colors? 5:07
►What other types of finishes are available? 5:57
►What are some practical steps to take when choosing roof color? 6:45

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