How to Find a Qualified Metal Roofing Contractor for Your Installation

Finding a good metal roofing contractor is critical for a successful metal roofing installation, but how do you find a qualified and reliable company? On today’s Q&A Monday, Jeff Hock from the Sheffield Metals Technical department joins Thad Barnette to discuss some resources that can assist in locating metal roofing contractors, the key research any homeowner should do to vet their contractors, and what types of questions they can ask during a consultation.

Topics covered:

  • How can a homeowner find contractors in their area? 01:02
  • Should a homeowner get consultations from multiple contractors? 03:29
  • How do you know if a contractor is qualified? 05:09
  • What questions should a homeowner ask at a consultation? 08:03
Click here to download the Finding a Qualified Metal Roofing Contractor guide!