How Do Sheffield Metals and New Tech Machinery Work Together?

How does the partnership between New Tech Machinery and Sheffield Metals benefit the metal roofing industry?

Sheffield Metals and New Tech Machinery’s product lines are designed to give metal roofing contractors and manufacturers the power to control their own panel production and have access to high quality engineered metal roofing systems. In today’s Q&A Monday, Doug Markle from Sheffield Metals and Tom Laird from New Tech Machinery join Thad Barnette to discuss how the companies’ partnership can support the metal construction industry.

Topics covered:

  • How do New Tech and Sheffield work together? 0:45
  • What is the market for New Tech Machinery? 1:37
  • Why does profile type matter when it comes to testing? 4:21
  • How does the relationship between New Tech and Sheffield benefit customers? 5:22
  • What kind of support can Sheffield offer for New Tech machines? 7:16
  • How can someone align themselves with a supplier after buying a machine? 8:40
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