What is the FORTIFIED Program and How Does it Help Protect Homes?

FORTIFIED is a building standard that serves as a benchmark for resilient construction. It helps link homeowners to qualified builders and it ensures that contractors build strong. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Jeff Hock joins Thad to host Fred Malik and Mark Zehnal from FORTIFIED. They discuss what the program is, how they work with manufacturers, how contractors can join up and get trained, and how homeowners can find great builders.

Topics covered:

  • What is FORTIFIED and who is IBHS? 3:24
  • How does FORTIFIED work with manufacturers? 8:24
  • How does the FORTIFIED program work practically? 9:50
  • How does a contractor get involved with the FORTIFIED program? 21:52

Learn more about FORTIFIED training here: http://bit.ly/fortified-wise-university