Fire Rated Roofing Assembly vs. Fire Rated Roofing Product

Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad is at METALCON 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He sits down with Tim Murphy of Sheffield Metals and Mark Strait of Sharkskin. Both guests are from southern California, so the topic of fire rating and safety hits close to home for them. The group discusses the differences between a fire rated roofing assembly and a fire rated product and explain what that means practically for those that want to have a Class A rated roofing system.

Topics covered:
►What does it mean to have a “Class A” rating? 1:13
►What is the difference between a Class A rated product and a Class A rated assembly? 1:30
►What is included in an assembly? 1:55
►Does installing a Class A product mean your assembly is also Class A? 2:24
►How does this translate into practical application? 3:04
►How does a product achieve a Class A rating? 3:45
►How does underlayment fit into a Class A fire rated system? 3:59

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