Fire Rated Roofing Assembly Vs. Fire Rated Roofing Product

The topic of fire-resistant building products continues to be an important one, especially for areas that deal with wildfires on an increasingly regular basis. Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad Barnette sits down with Jeff Hock of Sheffield Metals to discuss the differences between a fire rated roofing assembly and a fire rated product and explain what that means practically for those that want to have a Class A rated roofing system.

Topics covered:

  • What does it mean for a product to have a Class A rating? 0:31
  • What’s the difference between Class A rated products vs. assemblies? 1:30
  • Are assemblies with combustible materials excluded from Class A ratings? 2:26
  • What’s included in an assembly? 03:47
  • How does product and assembly info apply to installers and homeowners? 4:19
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