Exposed Fastener vs. Standing Seam Metal Roofing Revisited

Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad revisits one of the most popular topics on the Metal Roofing Channel, exposed fastener vs. standing seam. On the previously released Q&A episode covering this topic, commenters requested a more graphical look. In today’s episode, we’ll do exactly that as Thad discusses paint, substrate, panels, flashings, and more.

Topics covered:
►What are the differences between exposed fastener and standing seam? 0:51
►What materials can be used? 2:05
►What about engagement and panel length? 2:35
►What about slope? 3:10
►What is the cost difference? 3:35
►What is the longevity difference? 4:28
►When is exposed fastener a good choice? 5:19
►When is standing seam a good choice? 5:49

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